Da Afghan Pa Nang Me Otadala Toora

Za Pukhtun Yum Zka Maa Ta; Da Pakhto Aqida Kha Da; SaLa SaLa Thersa Wei Mei; Daa Da Zdo Aqida Kha Da

Sheena Worrall, an Austrilian lady visits Pukhtoon Region and gives her friendly comments


Sheena Worrall, an Australian lady on her visit to District Hangu in 2006 comments,

"I think Pukhtoons are Peace-loving because their attitudes and behaviors towards guests are positive and hospitable".

During her stay in the town of Doaba (in Mushtaq Bangash's residence), she found Pukhtoons different from what the world community thought and viewed.

According to Mushtaq, she was often time asking, "where are the guns?" Her search for even a single gun was miserably failed which put the impression of peace and love on her mind.

Herein it is stated that everyone of you must put his/her efforts to give the soft image of Pukhtoons as the mentioned journalist has tried. 


(Special thanks to Mushtaq Bangash, a Journalist from Doaba, District Hangu, NWFP who sent the information along with the photograph)


Mushtaq's email address= mbangash95@yahoo.co.uk


phone No.= +923005895060


 Mushtaq Bangash (left )and Sheena Worrall (right)





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